New Rockwell Charge

“Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” groom Rick Rockwell is actually the subject of two — not one — restraining orders, NBC News has revealed. Shortly after his Feb. 15 Fox TV special marriage to Darva Conger, it was revealed that Rockwell’s former fiancé, Debbie Goyne, had a court-ordered restraining order placed against Rockwell in 1991, after he allegedly hit her and threatened her life. Rockwell quickly denied Goyne’s nine-year-old claims on “Dateline NBC.” In this latest disclosure, however, NBC has found a 1982 restraining order against Rockwell, filed by his former roommate, an actor who now goes by the name of Mark Brandon. Brandon claimed that Rockwell verbally threatened him and physically attacked him, pushing him against a wall and warning Brandon never to show his face in a comedy club again. (Rockwell was a budding standup at the time.) A judge ordered Rockwell to remain at least 200 feet from Brandon — and, for once, Rockwell has no comment for NBC.

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