Hunter and Edwards infamously had an affair while the former Senator was running for president

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated February 11, 2016 05:00 PM
Credit: Courtesy Rielle Hunter

At age 7, Rielle Hunter and John Edwards‘ daughter is “very loved” – and completely aware of her parents’ history, mom Reille says.

During her appearance on the Steve Harvey Show earlier this week, Hunter, 51, told Harvey that her daughter Frances Quinn is “amazing.”

“She sings all the time, she’s just always got a happy little tune going on,” Hunter shared.

Edwards fathered Frances Quinn during a presidential run in 2007 while he was still married to the late Elizabeth Edwards. Hunter, who was a filmmaker hired to work on his campaign, gave birth in February 2008, but Edwards didn’t admit paternity until January 2010. His wife, whom he was since separated from, died later that year after a battle with breast cancer.

“Madly in love,” Hunter and Edwards stayed together until February 2015, she said. Despite the split, she told Harvey that Edwards, who had four children with Elizabeth, sees Frances Quinn as “often as they can,” calling him a “great dad.”

She said that even at her young age, Frances Quinn understands why there’s media attention surrounding her mother and father.

“This is her history. This is her life,” Hunter explained to Harvey. “She grew up with paparazzi chasing her from day one. That’s her reality.”

After “weather[ing] the storm” of scandal, Hunter says that Frances Quinn has a “really loving family.”

She told Harvey: “[We] came out the other side with this beautiful child, who is amazing. And I’ve forgiven myself and we’ve moved on.”