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May 11, 2015 01:35 PM

Jonathan Knight is taking the road to recovery step by step.

The New Kids on the Block singer took to Twitter on Saturday night to announce that he wouldn’t be able to perform in that night’s concert in Los Angeles due to a tour bus injury.

Knight, 46, offered photographic proof of the accident on Sunday, posting a picture to his Instagram account showing him smiling despite some pretty painful-looking cuts and bruises.

And a few hours later, the boy-bander showed a sense of humor about his injuries, following up a photo of the unscarred half of his face, captioned “Feeling better,” with a pouty pic of the other half, saying, ” Just kidding.”

Although Knight hasn’t revealed specific details of the mysterious bus accident, we can at least be sure it wasn’t the result of a poorly executed prank by one of his bandmates.

“We don’t prank,” Joey McIntyre told PEOPLE last week. “I think everyone is afraid of pranking because if you prank, you’re gonna get pranked back. I don’t think anyone wants to make the first move.”


NKOTB kicked off their Main Event summer tour with Nelly and TLC on May 1 at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay.

“We’re all on a journey,” Knight told PEOPLE of the tour. “[The fans] have been with us since we were teenagers. We’re just looking to do right by them and give them a good show.”

Fingers crossed Knight recovers in time for Monday’s show in San Diego – baby, we believe in you!

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