Bergen County Sheriff's Officer Rich Carrion saves a sweltering little girl from a hot minivan outside a New Jersey Costco

By Maria Coder
July 31, 2015 08:40 AM

[facebook url="" /]A Bergen County sheriff’s officer came to the rescue of a sweaty toddler locked in a hot minivan outside a Costco in New Jersey Thursday afternoon. And the entire incident was caught on video.

A crowd of Good Samaritans began to gather around the van, with at least two people trying to push down a window, which appeared to have been cracked a just few inches for ventilation, according to police.

A Costco employee alerted a nearby officer, who found a little girl “sweating profusely” and wailing in her car seat, sheriff spokesperson Anthony Cureton told The Newark Star-Ledger.

Officer Rich Carrion used his baton to smash the window as more police officers began to arrive. Once the minivan door slid open, a second officer went in to retrieve and comfort the child. Carrion estimated it was at least 80 degrees inside the van.

The girl’s mom, Chaeyoung Lim-Kim, showed up just as cops were wiping sweat off the little girl. She was pushing a grocery cart and had another child in tow.

“You left her in the car!” scolds the cop holding the girl.

“Sorry, sorry,” says the mom.

“No sorry, she could have died,” the officer said.

The girl was taken to a hospital for evaluation and released to her dad.

The girl’s mom has been charged with child endangerment.