"People should never send dares that are too risky for themselves to do," co-founder Theodore Dasher tells PEOPLE, explaining that there is system in place for safety

By Nicole Sands
July 26, 2016 01:15 PM
Niko Tavernise/REX/Shutterstock

Are you a watcher or a player?

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts‘ new film Nerve – centered around an online game of truth or dare that starts innocent but turns sinister – is coming to life right before your eyes with the Double Dog app.

Double Dog, which launched Tuesday, is a real-life game that allows users to send and receive dares from the community around them, and potentially earn money after posting a video of the completed dare.

First, users can start by daring each other to do literally anything their hearts desire (within safe boundaries, of course). If the person who opens the dare decides not to do it, he or she can then ‘double dog’ the sender for twice the value.

While many of the dares Franco and Roberts are challenged to complete are, well, extremely life threatening, founders Rodrigo Carvalho, Theodore Dasher and Austin Arnold have implemented several safety systems in order to make sure the dares don t put users’ lives in danger.

“One way we keep the app safe is through the system we have in place, which we call a total equilibrium dare system,” Carvalho says of the app, explaining that the person who initiated the dare is required to pay three times the amount of the original dare if he or she chickens out on the ‘double dog’ dare. The site also allows users to flag and report any inappropriate behavior.

“People should never send dares that are too risky for themselves to do because otherwise they have to pay three times, so it keeps things pretty safe,” adds Dasher.

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The app, which already has over 100,000 users from its earlier soft launch, also encourages watchers and players to establish a community and make new friends.

“If [users] want, they can share the video, too, so they can get likes and comments. They can also follow one another, they can chat inside the app,” says Carvalho.

In one case, one user also scored some serious cash while also promoting the app – permanently.

“This guy got a Double Dog tattoo on his torso for $2,000,” laughs Carvalho.