More suffering has befallen Columbine High in Littleton, Colo. Ten months after the massacre at the school, two sophomore sweethearts were found shot to death Monday in a Subway sandwich shop near the campus. The bodies of Nicholas Kunselman, 15, who worked in the shop, and Stephanie Hart, 16, whom he was dating, were found behind the counter three hours after closing by an employee who happened to drive by and notice that the lights in the place were still on. A spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office told reporters that investigators had not determined a motive or time of death for the shootings, though they had ruled out a murder-suicide. He said there were no suspects, though police want to question a male in his late teens or early 20s who was seen leaving the area earlier in the day. The incident reopened the wounds of last April’s shoot-out at Columbine High School, when two students shot and killed 12 other students and a teacher and wounded two other students before turning the guns on themselves. Many students left school early yesterday, and special counselors were brought in to help deal with this new trauma.