December 02, 2014 08:00 AM

No, it’s not very nice, but yes, it’s kind of amazing.

Every year, Thanksgiving gourmands attempt turduckens and all other manner of culinary Frankenbirds, but it takes a devious mind to turn that concept against an unsuspecting mark.

Last year Nerissa Hawkinson put together the kind of prank that will live in infamy forever: The Montana native stuffed a Cornish game hen inside their cooked turkey and waited for her daughter Raquel to discover it pre-dinner.

Poor animal lover Raquel was so deeply traumatized by the revelation that their dinner had been “pregnant” when it was cooked that she didn’t stop to think about the fact that, you know, turkeys lay eggs. And that the turkey’s “baby” was already plucked and dressed. But hey, you have to admire her passion.

Thanksgiving pranksters of the world: The bar has been raised.

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