Watch NE-YO Carry His Pregnant Wife Crystal Renay Over the Threshold After Tying the Knot

The singer and his wife tied the know over the weekend

Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty

That certainly makes it official!

NE-YO carried his new wife, Crystal Renay, over the threshold of their home, following their weekend wedding, exclusively revealed by PEOPLE.

“When you’re 9 months pregnant and your husband … Wait let me say that again HUSBAND is still a gentleman and carries your fat butt,” Renay captioned a video on Monday of the sweet moment.

The black and white Instagram footage, recorded by a friend who welcomes them home, shows the singer with his wife in his arms as they step through the door before sharing a quick kiss.

Although lifting his new bride and soon-to-be born child over the threshold of their home wasn’t a worry for NE-YO, he did admit that he was concerned about his wife making it through their big day.

“I’m more concerned about her making it all the way down the aisle or if her water breaks or something,” he exclusively told PEOPLE.

NE-YO and Renay confirmed their pregnancy in August when they both shared adorable maternity photos on Instagram, and the Grammy winner took to Twitter to announce the news “from the horse’s mouth.”

While this is the model’s first child, NE-YO has a daughter, Madilyn Grace, 5, and son, Mason Evan, 4, from a previous relationship.

The couple tied the night in an ocean-side ceremony in the Los Angeles area on Saturday, just weeks before they’re set to welcome their bundle of joy.

“This is big for me. I’m not doing this again, so I’m happy that my family and friends are able to be there to share this moment with us,” NE-YO said. “We’re human beings, so we’re gonna bump heads on different things, but we’ve agreed that this is gonna be a marriage that lasts.”

While the pair might be sure that they want their love to last, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have some (very practical) pre-wedding jitters.

“I’m gonna be honest: I’m nine months pregnant – I’m nervous about falling on my face!,” the bride told PEOPLE prior to their nuptials.

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