NBC wants less sex on its airwaves and fewer programs set in New York City, the home of one of its greatest hits, “Seinfeld,” the network’s new entertainment president Scott Sassa said to TV critics on Thursday. Sassa said he also wanted to see more traditional families and greater ethnic diversity featured in NBC shows. Sassa’s vision for NBC contrasted vividly with the network’s current situation comedies, which include “Friends,” “Just Shoot Me,” “Will and Grace” and several other shows based in New York and often utilizing sex as a topic. (Those shows attract the 18-to-49-year-old viewers advertisers covet for their spending power.)

  • The new programming chief, who took over NBC’s programming reins from industry veteran Warren Littlefield in October and who will assume NBC West Coast President Don Ohlmeyer’s duties when Ohlmeyer retires, said the move will give NBC more balance. “We need to make sure the shows we have on air accurately represent the people viewing them,” Sassa said.