The L.A. Clippers star says the weight-loss program is helping him shape up for basketball season

By Kristen Mascia
September 24, 2008 09:00 AM

First, it was Kirstie Alley. Then Valerie Bertinelli and Queen Latifah. Now, Jenny Craig’s got a new famous recruit – and it’s safe to say he’s kind of a big deal.

A really big deal. Baron Davis, the 6′ 3″ L.A. Clippers guard, is the new man on the Jenny plan, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

Inspired by current spokeswoman Latifah, Davis, 29, started the plan at the beginning of August to get in shape for basketball season.

“I know Queen Latifah, and when I saw her out there using it, I thought maybe I could use it, too, to work on my health and fitness goals and inspire others,” he tells PEOPLE.

During the NBA off-season, Davis let his fitness slide. “In the off-season, it’s kind of hard to maintain day-to-day,” he says. “I don’t want to get up and cook. And when I pig out, I’m the type of person where there’s no limit to what I can do.”

His favorite pig-out food? “Definitely Mexican,” he says. “I go to Pinches Tacos in L.A., start with a carne asada burrito, and work my way down the menu.”

Some Teasing

Despite some initial ribbing from friends when he signed up for the plan, Davis says he’s inspired some of them to join, too.

“They were like, ‘Huh? Why is Jenny Craig in your fridge? Why are you eating this?’ But then I’d be at a friend’s house and have my weekly check-in call, and they saw how serious I was about it and it helped.”

And Jenny’s not just for women, he says: “Men should take a page out of a woman’s book – because they’re a lot smarter than we are!”

Davis even made best friend and producing partner Cash Warren – husband of Jessica Alba and father to 3-month-old daughter, Honor – try a Jenny Craig meal. “Cash came over once and I ‘cooked’ for him. I put a meal on a nice plate. I looked like a gourmet chef!” he jokes. “But Cash knows I can’t cook like that.”

While he won’t reveal how much weight he’s lost on Jenny Craig until a press conference in L.A. on Friday, Davis says he feels “great” and has “a lot more energy.”

He starts practicing with the Clippers this week.

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