It's part of Operation Silent Nemo

By Alex Heigl
December 17, 2014 04:15 PM

Oh, hey, how’s your Wednesday going? Okay? Cool, because HERE’S A ROBOT SHARK. Designed by THE NAVY. Called GHOSTSWIMMER.

Now that we’ve caught our breath, we have all the pertinent details: The Navy has a new underwater drone that’s five-feet-long, 100 lbs., mimics the swimming motion of a bluefin tuna and looks exactly like a shark.

The Navy’s been experimenting with unmanned “biomimetic” (a fancy word for “moves like an animal”) underwater vehicles in something called – and we’d like to stress that we’re not making this up – “Operation Silent Nemo.”


GhostSwimmer can operate in water just 10 inches deep or up to 300 feet. As WIRED helpfully notes, “the GhostSwimmer joins the ranks of animal-based awesome/creepy robots like the ‘Cheetah’ that can run at nearly 30 mph, the Stickybot that climbs like a gecko, and the cockroach-inspired iSprawl that can cover 7.5 feet per second.”


This is like The Island of Dr. Moreau meets the Terminator franchise, and we’re equally terrified by and enamored of it.