The singer performed his first single "Kiss Me Quick."

By Ale Russian
July 28, 2016 08:00 PM

After years of seeing him perform with the British band The Wanted, Nathan Sykes is wowing in his solo debut – and stopped by the PEOPLE Now studios to perform for fans!

The British singer has been steadily building hype for his solo career and showed why when he stepped on stage to perform his first single, “Kiss Me Quick.” The 23-year-old came out holding a mug of tea and had the crowd in a laid-back mood throughout the show.

After years performing with four other guys, the real treat was getting to hear Syke’s impressive range, something that wasn’t possible when he was still in The Wanted. The singer told host Jeremy Parsons later that it’s been his favorite part of embarking on a solo career.

“I never got to do that in the band,” Syke said about being able to really test himself, adding that sometimes he hits a high note and surprises even himself.

And the fans were just as impressed with his talent as he brought up the sex appeal with the deep-voiced “More Than You’ll Ever Know” after announcing that his debut album Unfinished Business will drop Nov. 4.

“I’m so excited I can finally say that!” the former boybander said to fans both in the studio and watching at home through the live stream.

The singer then steamed it up some more when he performed the single “Give It Up.” The song’s music video was so sexy that it was banned on British television. When Parsons asked him how he felt about being too hot for TV, the singer admitted it came as a surprise to him.

“That’s something I never thought people would say to me!” the singer said in a pre-taped interview where he took the PEOPLE Now hosts through the choices he made in the video.

Sykes closed out the set with the fan-favorite hit “Over and Over Again” – a song very famously about his ex, Ariana Grande. And although the original features the friendly exes singing together about their past love, Sykes admitted onstage that the song came from a difficult moment.

“I wrote this song cause I’m really bad at telling people how I feel,” Sykes said as he sat down at the piano and gave fans one last chance to swoon over his voice.

“He has such an amazing voice and he just sounds so good,” 17-year-old fan Nicole said after the show was over.

Nicole was not only one of the lucky fans that got to watch Sykes play an intimate set – she also got to jump onstage with him and take an epic selfie! Nicole and her friend Tess won the Instagram selfie contest put on by PEOPLE Now and were given the chance to join Sykes and Parsons on stage at the end of the show.

“We were really trying to be creative. We saw that he liked Snapchat and we thought that a face swap would be really funny,” Nicole said about the selfie that swaped her face with Sykes. “He was so amazing and so nice when we went to talk to him onstage. It was so cool!”

“The trick was getting the best picture to fit it,” her friend Tess, 17, said about their winning strategy. “We tried one where he was smiling and it didn’t really work out, but when we got the perfect picture that really looked like him, it was the best!”

It really was the ultimate fan experience!

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