The British pop star gives PEOPLE Now the exclusive scoop on his steamy new music video featuring G-Eazy

By Maya Anderman
July 28, 2016 05:00 PM

Nathan Sykes is giving up all the steamy details on his new music video, "Give It Up".

Before the 23-year-old former Wanted singer takes the stage as part of the PEOPLE Now Concert Series Presented by Toyota Music, he dished on the raunchy video for his new hit single – which was actually banned in the U.K.!

“To be fair, that’s one thing that I never thought that people would say to me,” Sykes tells PEOPLE. “We got sent back to the editor’s suite, we had to recut a more ‘TV friendly’ experience.”

The star spends a great deal of the video in bed getting very intimate with a lady friend, but he worked extra hard to ensure that the romance was apparent. “I didn’t want it to look like a one night stand.” What a gentleman!

Together the pair drink wine and stare longingly into each other’s eyes. That may sound like a good time, but apparently boozing it up on set wasn’t the best thing for Sykes.

“It was sickening,” he says. “We shot that scene at 8:30 in the morning.”

With tons of cameras, and a wine headache to boot, was the video as steamy in real life as it appears on the screen?

“It was!” Sykes insists. “I think the only thing that’s not hot is the camera men just standing around watching.”

Sykes also references Beatlemania-level fan worship in the video, something he’s now experienced a bit of himself. “We were in a car once in a car park going into a radio station,” he explains. “We got in and there were thousands and thousands of kids there and they were like rocking the van.”

“I honestly thought we were going to die,” he continues.

Sykes will be performing at the PEOPLE Now Concert Series Thursday at 4 p.m. ET. The concert will be streamed on and other Time Inc. digital platforms.