In the Waves is the story of two girls on an imaginary adventure

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Credit: Andrew Eccles

Talk about talent! Singing sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella – who play Rayna James’s daughters Maddie and Daphne Conrad on the hit show Nashville – have written a children’s book, and an original song to go with it.

Told through lyrics, the colorful picture book In the Waves is the story of two girls on an imaginary adventure that takes them from their bathtub to the seashore, where they swim with whales, surf and build sandcastles. It was inspired by a song they wrote together seven years ago.

“We were in this big Jacuzzi at our aunt and uncle’s house,” Lennon, 15, tells PEOPLE. “We wrote this chorus, well, we didn’t even write it – we sort of just started singing it!”

Over the years, the girls continued to sing the catchy hook, and eventually decided it would make a great song for a book.

“To be honest, I tried to step out of my comfort zone,” says Lennon, adding that she’s used to writing more folk-based songs. “And Maisy is into pop, but this song is for kids.”

But as usual, the song – and music video – were family affairs.

“My mom painted the entire backdrop for the video,” says Lennon, who came down with the flu on the day of shoot.

“In between takes, she was laying there so sick!” says Maisy, 11.

So will this book lead to other literary pursuits?

“That would be so cool! It’s been an awesome process,” says Lennon, as Maisy nods in agreement.