"When I'm in the room" with Schreiber and their sons, she says, "it's like I don't exist"

By Stephen M. Silverman
February 02, 2009 02:40 PM
Dara Kushner/INF

On screen, Liev Schreiber may come across as the strong, silent type. But at home, with his two kids, he’s one fun dad.

“A fantastic father,” is how partner Naomi Watts describes Schreiber when it comes to their sons, Samuel, born last month, and 1½-year-old Alexander – called “Sasha.”

“When daddy’s in the room, it’s like I don’t exist,” Watts, 40, tells Entertainment Tonight Canada in an interview to air Monday. “Sasha is all about his dad. He just loves playing roughhouse One of the things I just loved about Liev right away was that he was so good with kids.”

While she credits her The International director, Tom Tykwer, for easing her pregnancy by adjusting her work schedule so that it also coincided with Schreiber’s on Defiance, Watts isn’t quite certain how future professional commitments will go.

A Mother’s Guilt

“I haven’t really figured it out yet. I’ve just done the one film since having a baby, so it doesn’t feel easy, let me tell you,” she says. “And what’s hard is – and I think every woman must feel this – you just feel guilty guilty that you’re not there for the babies enough. And you also feel guilty that you haven’t given your work as much time as you normally do.”

Then again, she concedes, “I think the moment you give birth that it’s a lifetime of questions, second-guessing yourself.”

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