"I'm happy to do it," the supermodel tells PEOPLE about her community service for losing her temper

By Wendy Grossman
Updated March 09, 2007 02:40 PM

One thing Naomi Campbell’s not angry about: doing the dirty work.

Set to begin mopping floors for five days at New York’s Sanitation Department on March 19 as her court-determined community service for throwing her mobile phone at her housekeeper, the supermodel – who has had previously acknowledged issues with her temper – tells PEOPLE, “I’m happy to do it.”

Says Campbell: “I never spoke about what I wouldn’t do, and what I would do – I’m just doing what I’m told to do and that’s it.”

And once it’s over, Campbell promises, “I’ll get on with my life, and it’s over.”

Exhibiting a kindler, gentler nature all around, Campbell, 36, also says that after the fall fashion shows in New York she intends to clean out her closets, sell her clothes and then donate the money to charity.

“I have so much storage full of clothes – it’s a waste. I could be helping, benefiting – and that’s what I want to do,” Campbell said as she had her hair done before the Fashion Week Live show in Houston. “I need to clean out – it’s also cleansing for me.”

The past few weeks, Campbell says she was in Los Angeles hashing out TV-show ideas. Rather than a reality show that would expose her life, the way Newlyweds did for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Campbell would prefer to do something more like American Idol, where she could help change people’s lives.

“I don’t want to put my life out there for no reason, I want someone to get some sort of job,” she says.