"Anger is an emotion You have to deal with it," the supermodel says

By Tim Nudd
Updated October 26, 2013 04:30 PM
Jason Carter Rinaldi/Getty

Talking these days about her well-documented anger problems, Naomi Campbell feels another emotion, overwhelmingly – sadness.

“Anger is an emotion. There were things I had to deal with. You have to deal with it,” Campbell, 43, says in an interview airing Saturday on Britain’s The Jonathan Ross Show, according to the Mirror.

The British supermodel – who, among other incidents, pleaded guilty to assault charges for throwing a cell phone at a housekeeper in 2006 – then begins to tear up, and tells the show’s host: “I’m crying, you made me cry!”

Campbell, who says she dedicated herself to anger-management classes, also speaks about her past drug use, which included cocaine addiction.

“I don’t want to go back,” she says. “No matter what it is that you’re addicted to – you can be addicted to work – all it is, is an escapism. It’s escaping something, no matter what.”

“For me, I came to my realization at 29 that I didn’t like myself the way I was, and that was it.”

Campbell, who looks stunning as “The First Lady of Fashion” in a new W Magazine spread, just takes it day by day now.

“I’m no perfect human being,” she says. “I’m just living, and I’m just breathing.”