'Nanny,' 'Trek' Lose Stars

Actresses Fran Drescher (“The Nanny”) and Kate Mulgrew (“Star Trek: Voyager”) both made news this weekend by delivering unexpected announcements that they are leaving their respective TV shows. For further details:

  • “This is officially going to be the last season of ‘The Nanny,'” Fran Drescher told “Entertainment Tonight” in an interview that aired Friday. The surprise announcement by the actress, who is also the show’s executive producer, came in the sixth season of the CBS-TV show. “I’ve always stayed too long at the fair my whole life, and I’m not going to do that with ‘The Nanny.’ I think it’s better for everybody’s career if we go out while we’re on top instead of sort of hanging on, which is eventually what’s going to happen,” she said. Drescher said she’s ready to move on. “I want to relax, stay home, cook — I haven’t been to a supermarket in years. I’m going to be normal,” she added (and cackled), “I’m going to learn to speak normal.”
  • Kate Mulgrew, who plays Capt. Kathryn Janeway on UPN’s “Star Trek: Voyager,” wants to leave the show, reported New York’s Daily News. The paper said Mulgrew is tired of 80-hour work weeks, and she wants to devote more time to her teen-age children and upcoming marriage to Tim Hagan, a Cleveland politician. Mulgrew also complained Friday to TV critics in California that she was fed up with Hollywood because it lacks intimacy and a sense of community. She said she wanted to return to theater work in New York.
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