Daisy Wright claims the actor wanted to meet with her last week

July 24, 2005 11:00 AM

Daisy Wright, the nanny with whom Jude Law had an affair earlier this year, says in the new Sunday Mirror that the actor asked her to meet him for lunch as recently as Wednesday.

Last Sunday, the Mirror ran an interview with Wright in which she claimed that she and Law had a month-long affair while she was working as a nanny to his three children. The same day, Law issued a public apology to his fiancé, Sienna Miller.

“He called me up just two days before the story broke in the Sunday Mirror to arrange a meeting for last Wednesday,” Wright tells the British tabloid. “I had told him in a previous conversation that we would probably never see or speak to each other again. He called me up to say that my comment had really upset him.” However, after news of the affair emerged, the meeting did not take place, the paper claims.

In the past week, Miller has been spotted in London without her engagement ring, causing speculation that her relationship with Law is over. On Tuesday, Miller’s mother, Jo, told reporters, “Sienna is probably too angry for tears at the moment. It is anger and betrayal. Sienna is not with Jude at the moment. … I can’t comment on whether they will stay together.”

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