Nancy Pelosi a Grandma for the Sixth Time

The Democratic politician's daughter, Alexandra, gives birth to a boy

House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi’s sixth grandchild, Paul Michael Vos, was born on Monday in New York – but her daughter, Alexandra, wouldn’t let the powerful politician into the delivery room.

“She was here, but we kept her in the hallway,” Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter tells PEOPLE exclusively. “She kept peeking around the corner. She wanted to hear the baby. My parents were out there loitering in the hallway. It was very funny. We let them come in after the baby came out.”

Paul Michael, the first child for Alexandra and her Dutch TV-journalist husband, Michiel, was delivered by natural childbirth at 10:30 a.m. and weighed in at 8 lbs., 10 oz.

More than a week overdue, newborn Paul (named after grandpa Pelosi) was the No. 1 priority for his grandmother, who is the third most powerful politician in Washington.

“She was calling every hour on the hour, ‘Hear anything? Any stomach pains?’ ” Alexandra, 36, tells PEOPLE. “My mother told me, ‘If we don’t win the House, I’ll be your baby nurse.’ I was a cynic so I didn’t have a baby nurse lined up before the election.”

In the final days of campaigning, before the Democrats took over both the House and Senate, Pelosi also found time to set up the nursery in her daughter’s two-bedroom Manhattan apartment.

“I thought newborns in New York didn’t need their own piece of real estate, but she moved me out of my office!” says Alexandra, who just finished editing an HBO movie about Evangelicals, Friends of God, due Jan. 25.

“The best part was when she said, ‘Maybe you should sleep in the small bedroom and let the baby have the big room.’ I said no!”

Pelosi made sure her new grandson would be set up in style. “She took us to Buy Buy Baby and got us a Bugaboo stroller. They’re Dutch and Michiel’s Dutch,” says Alexandra. “She got us a mobile that plays classical music – Mozart and all that – and feeding bottles, sheets and a basinet.”

Michiel described the birth of his first son as “the most magical thing I’ve ever seen,” and said he was awed by the process.

“You feel like men don’t play any role in the most important thing in life. We are such a small part of it,” he tells PEOPLE. “I’m standing by watching the woman do all the work – delivery, feeding, you name it. I’m asking her if she wants some juice or coffee. I’m basically not doing anything!”

The new parents got one special phone call on Monday night, Michiel tells PEOPLE: “President Bush called Alexandra and said, ‘I gather my efforts to call him Georgie failed.’ He congratulated us on the baby.”

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