Plus: Shannen Doherty's job woes, Ken Jennings loses, and more

FETCHED: A photo of Paris Hilton naked in a Hummer with nothing but her beloved dog perched in her lap sold for $46,000 at a London charity auction that raised $2 million for the Elton John AIDS Foundation at Christie’s Wednesday night, for a project called “Four Inches.” The common theme in the photos for sale: naked female celebrities posing completely in the buff except for a pair of Jimmy Choo four-inch heels and a smattering of Cartier jewelry. Hilton herself showed up at the event, reports PEOPLE’s London bureau, arriving half an hour before the midnight closing time. The highest bid was for a Kate Moss shot, which fetched a staggering $492,000. Sir Elton bid eagerly until the price hit $460,000 – which caused him to shake his head and drop his hand. “Don’t worry, Sir,” said the auctioneer. Besides the bargain for the Paris picture, Christina Aguilera posing in a bath sold for only $27,000.

SACKED: Shannen Doherty has been released from the upcoming UPN sitcom Love, Inc. after she didn’t test well with preview audiences, according to She reportedly will be replaced, although the Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed veteran, 34, was flown by UPN officials to New York last week to appear before advertisers during the network’s announcement of its fall schedule. Love, Inc. is about a matchmaker (Doherty – until now) who has her own relationship issues.

DEFEATED: Jeopardy! brainiac Ken Jennings met his match this week, losing a three-day tournament of champions on the game show and a $2 million prize to former record-store clerk Brad Rutter of Lancaster, Pa. Rutter was hardly intimidated by Jennings’ 74-game winning streak on the show last year. He beat Jennings in all three individual games, and his final total of $62,000 easily eclipsed Jennings’ $34,599. Knowing he was about to lose, Jennings wrote “Go Brad” as part of his final answer in the game televised Wednesday.

FILED: Mötley Crüe is suing NBC for banning the group after lead singer Vince Neil used an expletive during a live broadcast of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Associated Press reports. “We have a right to be treated in the same way as other artists who have made the same mistake,” bassist Nikki Sixx said. The federal lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, accuses the network of violating the band’s free-speech rights and hurting its record sales by barring it from NBC shows to placate the Federal Communications Commission. The suit seeks a court order lifting the ban as well as unspecified damages. The network dismissed the lawsuit as meritless.

ORDERED: A Los Angeles judge on Wednesday ordered actor Tom Sizemore to appear in court next week to explain possible probation violations. Sizemore failed to notify his probation officer after moving and has not enrolled in a drug treatment facility, prosecutor Sean Carney said. Sizemore, 43, was sentenced in March to 17 months in jail and more than four months in drug treatment for repeatedly failing drug tests while on probation. Sizemore’s attorney, Gary Meastas, said: “I just think it’s a miscommunication. I’m very confident there is no problem whatsoever.”

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