Officials say that the man cannot be charged with indecent exposure because he is on his own property

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 19, 2015 06:20 AM

Cardinal Glen locals say a man in the neighborhood relishes in the questionable habit of hanging out in his front doorway – totally naked – reports WBTV.

According to the news station, the apathetic individual has been airing out his birthday suit for nearly ten years. Concerned for the safety of children in the area, the man’s neighbors called the police on Friday to report the nudist again.

“I was out rolling the trash can on Friday and I just happened to look over there and he was standing there buck naked,” neighbor Pecolia Threatt told WBTV. “It’s not good to have people walking around here naked like that, a grown man like that with all these kids out here.”

Over the years, the man has grown accustomed to walking past his open doorway without clothes on, sometimes even taking phone calls in the nude, in full view of anyone who passes by. Some Cardinal Glen residents have found ways to ignore the exhibitionist, but others are determined to bring the indecency to an end.

The only thing standing in residents’ way is the wording of North Carolina’s indecent exposure law. According to the law, a person can only be charged with the offense if they “willfully expose the private parts of his or her person in any public place and in the presence of any other person or persons.”

While local police follow up on each complaint against the naked man, they say there is nothing they can do to prevent the man from disrobing, since he is doing it on his own property.

“Since it is not a criminal incident, it was documented in the ‘call for service’ but there is no report,” a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department spokeswoman told WBTV about Friday’s call.

“After consulting with the magistrate and Police Attorney, unless he is outside of his home, he cannot be charged,” they added.

Parents and officials from the area are searching for ways to change the law and stop the neighbor’s naked tyranny.

Residents have reported the man to the police four times this year so far. During one of these recent incidents, neighbors were able to capture photo and video of the man exposing himself. They plan on sending these images to the Homeowners Association in hopes of filing a nuisance complaint against the man.

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