March 21, 2009 07:50 PM

As two more babies arrive at home, Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets in January, is offering up a few details about her children’s father – but says she will never reveal his identity.

In a new video interview with, Suleman, 32, coyly admits that the man – whom she says fathered all 14 of her children (including the six she had before the octuplets) – lives in California, is slightly older than she is, and is “from another country.”

When asked if the man is of European descent, Suleman says no, but refuses to comment when asked again if he is Hispanic. She also confirms that he is not a civilian.

As to whether her relationship with the children’s father was ever romantic, Suleman insists the man has always been nothing more than “a very platonic friend” and says, “We wouldn’t be very compatible.”

Later, when asked if he would be a good father, she says, “He’s a great father. Oops – I mean, he would make a great father.”

But Suleman says that when she spoke to him two weeks before giving birth and told him that she was carrying what she then thought were seven babies, he wasn’t pleased.

“He was speechless; he couldn’t talk. He couldn t even utter a word,” she says. “He was angry at the doctor, I think, like everyone else. [He said] ‘Doesn’t that doctor know you have five children already?’ I said, ‘Yes, he’s aware I have six of your children.’ [He said], ‘I forgot about the twins.’ It was funny.”

If she could talk to him now, Suleman would say, “I’m sorry for all of this mess, and I hope he isn’t scared that it will come out because it won’t. As far as I’m concerned, I will never disclose who he is.”

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