By Lauren Charlip
January 03, 2009 07:35 PM
Courtesy Page Six Magazine

New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist has caught the eye of the city’s fashion elite, having been named one of Page Six Magazine‘s Top 25 Best Dressed in 2008. He reveals in Sunday’s issue that he’s willing to bare it all in the name of fashion – if the money is right.

Asked if he would pose shirtless, a la David Beckham, Lundqvist was coy at first, telling the magazine, “I don’t have a problem showing my body, but I have more respect for my girlfriend (fellow Swede, Therese Andersson) than to do that.”

Lundqvist then reconsidered, in the event a Beckham-esque price tag were involved. “[if I was offered $5 million] yeah, we could start talking,” he said. “Absolutely.”

Lundqvist spends the majority of his time covered up – by the likes of Dior and Hugo Boss. He told the magazine the Rangers all “wear a suit every time we travel. So it’s pretty much five days a week in a suit I never wear T-shirts!”