The new parents are searching for the good Samaritan to say thanks

By Andrea Billups
February 26, 2014 09:55 AM

Polly McCourt, the woman who gave birth in a Manhattan crosswalk, is now searching for the kind stranger who came to her aid in delivering a healthy girl on Monday.

Both mother and baby, who has been named Ila Isabelle after the woman who offered Polly her coat as she went into labor, are doing well at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York’s Daily News reports.

Polly and her husband, Cian, have asked for help in locating the good Samaritan. They know only her first name, Isabel, but say they would like to thank her for her generosity – and replace her coat.

“She had to go home without a coat on,” Polly told the paper. “She gave my husband her phone number and he lost it in the commotion.”

Polly added, “We want to be able to contact her and say thanks.”

The unexpected delivery occurred at rush hour Monday after Polly, who was in labor and trying to hail a taxi to get to the hospital, realized her baby was coming too fast. She searched frantically for a taxi after exiting her apartment building at the corner of East 68th Street and Third Avenue, before dropping to the ground to deliver.

Passersby stopped to help her out, with several women offering up their scarves to wrap the baby from winter temperatures before paramedics arrived. Others chronicled the event on social media.

Tweeted passerby Alex Fitzpatrick, an archeology student, of witnessing the moment: “I walked down the block and watched someone give birth in the middle of street. New York is weird.”

But never dull.