By Alison M. Rosen
Updated January 22, 2004 11:59 AM

Blood samples, guns, boxes of ammunition, holsters and computers were recovered from the crime scene in the fatal shooting of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson — but there’s one more mystery item the court wants for the murder trial of music producer Phil Spector.

The item in question was apparently missed by the authorities, who investigated Spector’s hilltop mansion after the Feb. 3, 2002 shooting, the Associated Press reports. Authorities realized they missed this piece of physical evidence within 48 hours of the investigation and, according to Deputy District Attorney Douglas Sortino, they contacted Spector’s attorney, Robert Shapiro, months ago and asked him to turn it over.

But Shapiro was less than cooperative at a Thursday court meeting to discuss the situation, saying he’s not required under California law to share evidence with prosecutors if it was missed by the authorities.

“We disagree that there’s any obligation we have to turn over any such item if we have it. We’re not saying we do or don’t,” Shapiro said.

Prosecutors, however, say there is no attorney-client privilege covering the item.

Spector, 63, remains free on $1 million bail and maintains his innocence. Superior Court Judge Carlos A. Uranga ordered another hearing Feb. 17 to discuss the situation, demanding that Shapiro take pains to make sure the item is not destroyed or altered.

“It is the state of the law if you do have a piece of evidence you have an obligation to turn it over to the people,” the judge said.