In honor of Jared Leto's Golden Globe nomination, take a look back at his dreamy My So-Called Life character

Credit: Marion Curtis/Startraks

While Claire Danes and the rest of the Homeland cast were noticeably absent from this year’s Golden Globes nominations, one of her former costars fared better. Jared Leto, who played Danes’s dreamy high school crush on My So-Called Life, received a Best Supporting Actor nod for his turn as a transgender drug addict in Dallas Buyers Club.

In honor of the Dorian Gray-ish actor (Can you believe he turns 42 on Dec. 26?), we’re looking back at Leto as we’ll always know – and love – him best: As the beautiful but vacant (but did we mention beautiful?) Jordan Catalano. Here’s what we remember most about him.

1. His intense stare.

It could pierce your soul. And yet, to quote Angela Chase, “He was always closing his eyes, like it hurt to look at things.” Basically, he was dreamy whether his eyes were open or closed.

2. His lean.

He was always leaning. Against stuff. He leaned great.

3. The time he played a song called “Red” and Angela totally thought it was about her.

It was about his Plymouth.

4. He didn’t understand the meaning of irony.


5. Tact wasn’t his strong point.