The YouTube series is set to run through Sept. 21

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated August 27, 2015 04:50 PM

For most, high school can serve as the pinnacle of awkwardness and self-doubt. But for Eva Gutowski – better known as MyLifeAsEva to her fans – the experience served as inspiration for her new YouTube series called How to Survive High School.

While the 20-year-old’s main YouTube channel is packed with a medley of lifestyle videos, the new venture has a singular focus: to act as a guide for high school students everywhere dealing with their usual anxieties.

“A lot of the storylines from the episode are from personal experiences I had when I was in school and being able to share that with everyone is really special,” Gutowski said during the series’ premiere screening on Monday. Since its release, the video has garnered more than 1 million views and counting.

The first episode, which lasts a little over eight minutes, is compact enough to digest during a much-needed afternoon break – and offers up LOL-worthy lines. “I’m a freshman, and I’ve been preparing for high school since I was a fetus photo on my mom’s Facebook wall,” Eva’s character says in the opener. Also notable: the friends’ National Treasure map, which illustrates different social groups in the school cafeteria, is adorned with a picture of Nicholas Cage – because, you know, it’s a National Treasure map (ha!).

The series will air a total of five episodes every Monday, with its season finale airing on Sept. 21.