A bus chartered by the Grammy-winning Tejano band Los Palominos ran a stop sign on Saturday, causing drummer JESSE ARREOLA, 31, to go flying out and get killed when the bus ran over him, police in Port La Vaca, Texas, told the Associated Press. The driver was apparently distracted while talking to Arreola when the accident took place, said a police spokesperson. The victim’s brothers and fellow band members, James, Johnny and George Arreola, the driver and an unidentified passenger suffered minor injuries . . . Brazilian rock star HERBERT VIANNA, 39, suffered serious head injuries and his British wife, Lucy, 36, drowned on Sunday when the ultra-light plane he was piloting went down in waters near the exclusive Brazilian coastal resort of Angra dos Reis, the press department at Mangaratiba hospital told Reuters. Vianna, 39, lead singer and composer for Paralamas do Sucesso, one of Brazil’s best known rock bands, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and slipped into a coma. He is now reportedly being treated at a Rio de Janeiro hospital, after having been airlifted there.