Andrew Huang takes the '80s classic to a new level

September 12, 2014 07:30 AM

Nena’s ’80s song “99 Red Balloons” is on most Gen Xers’ Pandora stations, in countless movies and on the soundtrack at every Walgreens.

But there’s no way it’s ever been heard like this.

Musician Andrew Huang has taken this track to its literal conclusion, playing a song about red balloons by using nothing but red balloons.

In this fun YouTube video, he uses those title inflatables to mimic every instrument, from the bass, to the kickdrum, to the melody itself (and that’s the most impressive part).

“Thought about using 99 balloons,” Huang wrote in the video’s description, “But it worked with four, so mehhh.”

Trust us, there is nothing “mehhh” about his version of the song.

Your move, Nena.

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