Musician Joe Fraley shares a moment with his mother, who doesn't remember who he is

Joe Fraley, a musician who lives in Alhambra, California, is slowly losing his biggest fan, because she can’t remember who he is.

Though it’s difficult to watch a loved one struggle with Alzheimer’s, many are finding beauty in this video. In the clip, Fraley seems to relieve his mother’s confusion for a few moments when he sings a song that includes the lyrics “You’re right here, inside my soul.”

Fraley posted the video to YouTube in October, but the clip went viral only after he recently posted it to Reddit, where he noted that his mother has since stopped responding to his music.

“Part of me felt like it would be exploiting my Mom and letting strangers see her at her worst. She was a college professor and after she was let go from her job she was very self-conscious of people thinking she was stupid,” Fraley wrote on Reddit. “But I’m glad I posted it. People have said such nice things and it promotes awareness of such a horrible disease.”

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