Robert Pastorelli was under investigation in Charemon Jonovich's murder when he overdosed last year

By Todd Peterson
Updated February 08, 2005 08:30 AM

Actor Robert Pastorelli, best known for his character Eldin on the hit TV series Murphy Brown, was a suspect in his girlfriend’s death when he died last year.

Police have confirmed that Pastorelli knew he was being investigated in the death of Charemon Jonovich, 25, who was found shot in the head in Pastorelli’s home in the Hollywood Hills in 1999.

Jonovich’s death was initially ruled either an accident or suicide, but several months after her death the coroner indicated she had died as a result of “homicide.” Police were investigating the matter last year when Pastorelli, then 49, died of a drug overdose in March. The couple had a young daughter together.

Pastorelli’s other TV credits included Miami Vice and Hill Street Blues. He also had a role in the upcoming John Travolta-Uma Thurman movie, Be Cool.