'Mummy': How I Love Ya

How perfect for Mummy’s Day weekend: The new version of the ’30s screamy “The Mummy” debuted Friday and by Sunday had grossed a smashing $44.68 million, setting a box-office record for the month of May. In second place, “Entrapment,” a love story-thriller starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones, picked up a disappointing $12.2 million over the weekend, after having made more than $26 million the week before. “The Matrix” fell to No. 3, with $6 million, swelling its six-week total to a whopping $138.66 million.

  • Eddie Murphy’s “Life” tumbled to No. 4 with a take of $3.4 million, and “Election,” starring Matthew Broderick, registered No. 5 with a weekend box office of $3.3 million.
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