'Multimillionaire' Mired

The wedding cake’s gone stale for Rick Rockwell, the groom from Fox’s “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?” The reputed real-estate developer, 42, returned home alone this weekend — without new wife Darva Conger, 34 — amid reports that a restraining order was issued against him in 1991 following accusations by a then-girlfriend, model Debbie Goyne, that he hit and threatened to kill her when she refused to marry him. (In response to this and some other claims, including a dispute over Rockwell’s true monetary worth, Fox scrapped not only plans to rebroadcast last week’s TV special in which Rockwell wed Conger, but future “Multimillionaire” episodes, as well, says The New York Times.) “At no time have I ever struck any of my girlfriends, ever, for any reason,” Rockwell told a throng of TV reporters outside his home in Encinitas, Calif., on Monday night. As for the new Mrs. Rockwell, “She’s doing great. We talked a couple of minutes ago,” said Rockwell, though he declined to reveal her whereabouts or the future of their marriage. “I don’t know what’s going to happen about that,” he said, “but I think she’s a great person, and I like her a lot.” As for Goyne, Rockwell told “Dateline NBC” last night, “I learned a lot from that relationship. Look, I’m not perfect, but I’m not a bad guy, either.”

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