The TRL host – and his parents! – will have plenty of holiday cheer
Credit: Jose Perez/INF

Looks like it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas at the Fahey household.

“I just bought myself the 24 season-three box set,” Total Request Live‘s Damien Fahey told PEOPLE at the second anniversary gala for charity: water in NYC Monday night. “So I’ll be with my parents [in Springfield, Mass.,] doing the Kiefer Sutherland drinking game. Every time he says ‘dammit’ we have to do a shot. We’re usually pretty trashed by midway through the third episode.”

Usually? That’s right, the 24 drinking game has become a holiday tradition chez Fahey, where the clan plowed through season two over the Thanksgiving break.

“We did beer last time, but this time we’re going to go with Jack [Daniel’s],” he added. “We’re going hardcore. Maybe we won’t even get through the first episode.”

Luckily Fahey will have a week to recover before returning to work. But he’ll due back on MTV for New Year’s Eve, when he’ll host the network’s annual countdown from Times Square.