Mrs. Jesse 'The Body' Chills Out

The wife of Minnesota Gov.-elect Jesse Ventura has no doubts about her husband’s ability to handle his new job. It’s herself she’s worried about. “I’m worried about how I’ll do a lot more than how he’ll do,” Terry Ventura said. “I’ll be picking up the wrong fork. I’ll be the one tripping down the stairs in her formal gown.” In an interview for “Dateline NBC,” Mrs. Ventura said her reaction to her husband’s upset victory on Nov. 3 was not entirely joyful. “When I saw the big check mark on the TV screen, at one point I went and sat in my mom’s lap and cried,” Mrs. Ventura said. “I was afraid that I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how — what — to be. My mom said, ‘Just be who you are.'”

  • In other news of “The Body,” organizers of his inauguration have announced that blues guitarist Jonny Lang will headline Ventura’s inaugural party Jan. 16. Ventura had said on election night he hoped to entice the teen sensation from Fargo ND to play. But Lang had a commitment on Jan. 15, the scheduled date for the party dubbed “The People’s Celebration.” “They just moved the inaugural ball to a date he was available and they offered to fly him in on a private jet, him and his band,” said Lang’s comanager James Klein. The next first lady, Terry Ventura, said everything from jeans to tuxedos will be welcome at the event.
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