The talk-show host talks about all her season-six firsts, including being married

By Kristin Boehm
Updated September 08, 2008 03:30 PM

Introduced for the first time Monday as Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres, the affable talk-show host opened her sixth season with a lot of firsts.

“This is the first time I’ve done the show in a thong,” DeGeneres, who is in a new Warner Brothers studio, quipped, ultimately segueing into, “And it’s my first show as a married lady.”

Cue close-up shot of her sparkling diamond wedding band! DeGeneres, 50, married Portia de Rossi, 35, at their Los Angeles home in August.

As the audience gave her a standing ovation, DeGeneres grinned widely and thanked them, adding: “Who knew John McCain and I would have something in common? We both chose female running mates.”

Besides ordering salads for her new bride and referring to “the old ball and chain,” DeGeneres concluded, “Marriage is great.”

Her very first guest, Michelle Obama, “could also be our next First Lady,” DeGeneres said by way of introduction, keeping with the firsts theme.

Obama presented her host with a Chicago snow-globe picked out by 7-year-old daughter Sasha.

For Tuesday’s show, DeGeneres will share behind-the-scenes photos and exclusive video from her summer wedding.