Mrs. Brady in for Kathie Lee?

“The View” cohost Lisa Ling would like to replace Kathie Lee Gifford when she vacates her “Live!” perch (opposite Regis Philbin) this July, the New York Post reported yesterday. Today, the paper quotes Florence Henderson, the perfect mom on the ’70s TV sitcom “The Brady Bunch” and the current cohost of NBC’s struggling “Later Today” (which airs opposite ABC’s syndicated “Live!” in several major markets), on wanting the job. “I’d be better than Lisa Ling,” says Henderson. “I don’t think they should bring in someone too young, because it makes Regis look really old.” Nor should Cybill Shepherd, whose name has been bandied about, be hired, says Henderson, who thinks Shepherd’s romantic past should keep her from the job. Added the ex-Mrs. Brady: “Regis is a tough curmudgeon. I’m just the opposite, and I’m funny.” Meanwhile, Regis has reportedly asked his original cohost, Cyndy Garvey, to try out for the job.

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