“The Anne Darling Elementary School Tech Club,” comprised of students in grades 3-5, is making its internet splash on with hits like “Girls Rule!” and “I Ain’t Throwin’ No Rock,” according to the school’s Web site. The San Jose-based group, which formed in 1999, pairs lyrics written by the kids with music written by their club advisor, Richard Soos. “He asked what we wanted to do,” an unidentified student wrote on the site. “Mr. Soos told us it was okay (to make a CD), as long as we created our own songs. We wanted to sing popular songs, but he told us that is stealing and we could get in trouble.” So they started writing original material. “Alejandra wrote a cool song about cafeteria food,” the group’s spokesperson continued, “and Cassandra and Sandra came up with the idea of taping all of us eating lunch in the cafeteria.” (The song’s lyrics: “Tastes so rude, sausage and mush, green fishsticks!”) The group, which was recently honored with a “Britney Spears Award” from Scholastic, Inc., is currently putting the finishing touches on its new CD.