January 21, 2016 10:15 AM

Andrew Jarecki knows a thing or two about making movies. One thing he’s learned? It can be challenging – and time-consuming – especially for a novice. But now the days of filmmaking frustration might actually be over.

Enter KnowMe, a free movie-making app for smartphones.

Jarecki, who helmed the acclaimed documentary The Jinx, created KnowMe to help users channel their inner filmmaker in a way that simplifies the process at long last.

Launching Tuesday, KnowMe fills the gap between a cumbersome movie-making program and a quickie six-second Vine. Users can touch and hold photos and videos from their phones or the Internet, talking over them to narrate and cut in and out between scenes. Completed videos can be sent to one user or a group of followers.

“As a filmmaker, I know that human beings have a basic desire to share their stories. But for non-professionals who want to capture their lives on their smartphones, there was no easy tool available that lets you create a polished video using all the media on your phone,” Jarecki, who also founded Moviefone, tells PEOPLE.

“We created KnowMe to radically simplify the process of making a video, giving anyone the ability to speak fluently in the language of video. We hope KnowMe not only unlocks your innate creative capabilities, but creates a wave of self-expression we have never seen before.”

Andrew Jarecki
Courtesy KnowMe

Celebrities are already embracing the innovation.

Greg Kinnear used KnowMe to create his “Hole in One” video, charmingly gloating about his ace in the hole while golfing with pal Dennis Quaid. Sean Hayes shot a behind-the-scenes video during his recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Carrie Fisher narrates a video titled “A Tour of the Art in My Home.”

Catfish host Nev Schulman also appears in the tutorial you’ll see as you download the app to their iPhones here.

Need even more incentive to check out KnowMe? Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams is an investor and brand ambassador.

“People in the film industry realized there was a need for an app like this,” KnowMe spokesman Blake Sedberry tells PEOPLE. “We feel like it’s filling a big white space in the market.”

May the moviemaking Force be with you.

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