Jim Spellman/WireImage; Sidney Ray Baldwin
October 15, 2008 03:15 PM

Actor Josh Brolin, who plays George W. Bush in the new bio pic W., is expected to impersonate the president when he hosts Saturday Night Live on Oct. 18.

“Expect a lot of fun and some surprising moments,” Brolin told PEOPLE at the W. premiere Tuesday night in New York City. “There s a good chance that W. [himself] may appear in a skit,” he added coyly. “You ll have to watch to find out.”

Brolin, 40, who mastered the president’s Texas twang and swagger, says the mannerisms have been hard to shake. Even his wife, actress Diane Lane and kids have told him to cut it out. “I found myself doing his hand gestures and my wife got mad at me a few times,” Brolin says. “And if I tell a joke now I sound like W. My kids keep telling me, ‘Stop doing the voice thing, Dad. It s not cool.’ ”
– Paul Chi

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