It's kind of like Mad Max, only whimsical

By Alex Heigl
Updated November 18, 2015 05:35 PM

It’s not quite Mad Max – more like Whimsical Max.

Police in Perth, Western Australia, are apparently on the hunt for gangs that have been tooling around their fair city on motorized picnic tables.

Yes, as you can see from the clip at the top of this story, those are indeed picnic tables that have been turned into street-ready, if not quite street-legal vehicles.

This all seems like some kind of ludicrous prank, but it’s not: Western Australia Police posted CCTV images of the “gangs” on Facebook, which didn’t exactly endear them to Facebook commenters who thought the department should be focusing on other, more pressing issues.

“I shall continue laughing at this for the rest of the afternoon and reprimand myself for being so childish later,” reads one comment. Us too, minus the part where we reprimand ourselves and plus the part where we start looking up DIY plans for our own table-car.