April 28, 2014 01:30 PM

Boooooooorn to be … really helpful, actually.

George Gorganeanu of Romania was riding along on his motorcycle when he noticed a man on the sidewalk in a universally familiar predicament: The would-be passenger was just a few seconds too late to catch the bus.

So, Good Samaritan Gorganeanu offered him a lift on the back of his motorcycle.

Fortunately, Gorganeanu has a helmet cam, so we’re all treated to this clip, where he races the bus to its next stop. The bus driver, apparently a competitive fellow, doesn’t seem like he wants to let the biker catch up.

Gorganeanu offers this very dry translation of his and the passenger’s conversation on YouTube: “I ask the man if he wants to go with me, then he explains that the next bus would arrive in about one hour, then there is some cursing for the driver and finally he thanks me very much for the help I gave him.”

It’s like Easy Rider, only the complete opposite.

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