Monday's episode brings heart-wrenching stories and requests for action

Credit: Sony Pictures Television

Dr. Oz is getting two unlikely groups together in Monday’s episode of his show. The doctor and talk show host will have a discussion with the families of those affected by violence between police officers and civilians – from both sides.

The show will bring together women from the “Mothers of the Movement,” an organization of mothers of people who were killed by police officers, as well as the mothers of the police officers who were purposefully gunned down by civilians.

Among those in attendance for the episode are Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mom, as well as Paulette Thompson and Valarie Zamarripa, both of whom lost their sons this summer when a gunman opened fire on police officers at an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. And while differences are clear, Oz said, “What bonds them together is the very public way their children died.”

Some of the most moving parts of the interview came from Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland. In July 2015, a medical examiner determined Bland had committed suicide in a Texas jail cell three days after an apparently routine traffic stop led to an arrest for assault.

“Unfortunately, we have experienced an overload of loss and nobody seems to care about it because it keeps happening over and over again,” Reed-Veal said in a clip, explaining why she decided to come forward with her story.

And for Gwen Carr, her son Eric Garner’s death has encouraged her to join the “movement” as well. In a heart-wrenching clip, Carr talked about the viral video of her son dying from a chokehold.

“I have never looked at the video in its entirety because it was too devastating and they kept playing it over and over on the TV,” she said. “And it was like them killing my son over and over and over again. A re-occurring nightmare, and it was worse than a nightmare because I never woke up. And I have to live with this for the rest of my life. It’s just a news article for the media, but this is my life.”

For Thompson, whose newly-wed son Brent Thompson was slain in the tragic shooting during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, said prayers from well-wishers have been “comforting.”

Moving forward, Reed-Veal had a question – and request – for members of the audience.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to have this audience of people and I just want to know, ”What Those that are sitting in this room, what will you do when you leave this room? What are you gonna do?” she asked. “Find out what your role is, what your part is. Never leave another room where this conversation takes place and you go back to your home and it’s just okay.”

Dr. Oz’s special episode, “Healing America’s Grief: Mothers of The Movement And Mothers of Slain Officers Together For The First Time” premieres Monday, Sept. 12, on The Dr. Oz Show at 2 p.m. ET.