Motherhood Has Made Katie Holmes Wiser

Reviewing her life with Tom and Suri, she also says, "I'm not pregnant right now"


Becoming a mother has allowed Katie Holmes to flex muscles she wasn’t even aware she possessed.

Motherhood, the parent of 2-year-old Suri Cruise tells Glamour magazine for April’s special 70th anniversary issue (on sale March 10), “has been the most amazing experience – in an instant you become strong. You have to be a little bit wiser; it’s the most important job in the world.”

Not that having a child wasn’t a formidable experience for Holmes, 30, and husband Tom Cruise, 46. “During the first couple of days [with Suri], we would just sleep right next to her to make sure she was breathing. And I was constantly learning on the job, but Tom was very helpful and supportive.”

Addressing Rumors

Asked about the rumors that were once swirling around the Cruise marriage – including one story that Suri didn’t exist at all – Holmes responds, “Some of the stuff [people said] was such absolutely horrible things to say about a child. It was so uncalled for and so disgusting. Enough is enough.”

In such instances, she says, Cruise, who was more accustomed to press coverage, was extremely helpful, says his wife.

“We were changing diapers. He said, ‘I don’t want you to get upset.’ And I said, ‘Well, I am upset.’ So we approached it together.” To those who write or report such things, Holmes says she’d like to tell them, “Why don’t you come over and have dinner? See what there is to see.”

Through such adversity Holmes also says she has developed a sense of self-reliance. “I definitely felt like – as a woman, as the mother of Suri – I want to handle this! My mom is very strong, and if anyone ever said anything about any of us, she would be, ‘Excuse‘ me? That’s my family!”

Speaking of which, the Cruises are not about to add to theirs – at least for the moment. Asked about a current rumor, Holmes answers, “I’m not pregnant right now.”

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