Four-year-old Lyla Carreyn was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder last year

By Alex Heigl
Updated September 29, 2016 11:55 AM

Lyla Carreyn has one amazing teacher.

The Madison, Wisconsin, 4-year-old was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune-related vasculitis called Microscopic Polyangiitis (MPA), which eventually causes the patient’s kidneys to shut down.

Lyla needed a new kidney, and her family dutifully began the nationwide search to find her one. It turns out they didn’t have to look very far: Early in September, the Carreyns discovered that Lyla’s preschool teacher, Beth Battista, was a perfect match.

Battista volunteered herself as a donor.

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Battista broke the news to Lyla’s mother, Dena, in a simple ceremony with other members of the school staff. She gave Dena a box with a note inside that read, “I may just be her teacher now, but soon a little piece of me will be with Lyla forever. I’m Lyla’s kidney donor.”