Mother Gets Bruce

On Sept. 17 Miramax will release “Get Bruce!” and movie audiences will get their chance to meet Bruce Vilanch, the effusive funnyman on TV’s “Hollywood Squares” and longtime gag-supplier to Bette Midler, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams and others. (Vilanch also punches up the script on Oscar night.). On Thursday Henne Vilanch, Bruce’s mother, turned 80 and joined him in press interviews about the film. “I want to congratulate you for the way you comport yourself,” Henne told her son, noting to The PEOPLE Daily that other celebrities are not as gracious as he. But she also wanted to know why, if he’s so damned famous, he can’t get her a job in show business. Replied Bruce: “I don’t do science fiction.”

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