Artist Kyle Lambert used an iPad to create an astonishing finger-painting of the Bruce Almighty star

By Nate Jones
December 03, 2013 12:35 PM
Courtesy Kyle Lambert/Youtube

It’s simple enough to draw a cartoon picture of Morgan Freeman: Throw together a white goatee, some freckles, soft eyes and a sly smile, and you’ve pretty much got it. It’s a lot harder, though, to draw a picture of Morgan Freeman that’s so good that it looks pretty much indistinguishable from a photograph of the Driving Miss Daisy and Bruce Almighty star – but that’s just what artist Kyle Lambert did – using only his finger and an iPad.

Working in illustration app Procreate, Lambert spent 200 hours painting a photorealistic image of Morgan Freeman, all the way down to the threads of his suit and the moisture on his lips.

“I started with a blank white screen and began capturing Morgan Freeman’s likeness, quickly painting the broad strokes with my finger,” Lambert told Ice Flow Studios. “I then reduced the brush size to a few pixels, pinched to zoom and carefully painted in the fine detail.”

Watch the time-lapse video of his efforts above, and compare the finished product to that of Redditor sonofjay, who created a similar portrait of Freeman using only MS Paint. Who would have guessed that a sleepy 76-year-old man would become the Internet’s Mona Lisa?

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