"The agreement currently on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn't build a f------ bomb," Morgan Freeman says in a new video

By Tierney McAfee
Updated July 29, 2015 04:35 PM

Ever wonder what Jack Black thinks of President Obama‘s nuclear deal with Iran? No? Well, you’re about to find out anyway.

In a new YouTube video produced by anti-nuclear group Global Zero, the comedian – along with fellow actors Morgan Freeman and Natasha Lyonne and ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame, Queen Noor of Jordan and retired U.S. Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering – urges Americans to support the recently signed deal, which would prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon for at least a decade.

The alternative, according to Freeman? We’ll all wind up “super dead.”

“The agreement currently on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn’t build a f—— bomb,” adds the Oscar winner and longtime Obama supporter.

The president’s historic nuclear agreement with Iran, which was reached earlier this month, is facing major opposition from the Republican-dominated Congress.

Obama on Monday called out GOP leaders for their criticism of the deal, calling Gov. Mike Huckabee‘s controversial Holocaust comparison “ridiculous if it weren’t so sad.”

“Do me a favor,” says Orange is the New Black‘s Lyonne in the new viral clip. “Don’t let some hot-headed member of Congress screw this up.”

“Because playing politics with our national security isn’t all that funny,” Black says.