An $8 Titanic boarding pass that survived the ill-fated voyage (along with its passenger) has fetched $100,000 at a Seattle auction Saturday. The buyer was Jeffrey Trainer, an Allentown, Pa., collector who is in the trading card business. The price opened at $5,000 and zoomed to $100,000 in less than a minute, said Cheryl Gorsuch, co-owner of the Tacoma, Wash., antique store where the auction was held. Trainer said he would “hoard the ticket for a little while and enjoy it.” The passenger, Anna Sofia Sjoblom, had “kept it for a while, so I may, too,” he said.

  • The document — an undamaged immigrant inspection card that served as a boarding pass for Titanic’s third-class passengers — is believed to be the only such ticket in existence. Its price on Saturday makes it among the most valued of the ship’s memorabilia.